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Flood Damage Due To Sump Pump Failure
Thursday, February 16th 2023, 2:50 PM

Proven Restoration LLC Explains How to Deal With Flood Damage After Sump Pump Failure

Humble, United States - February 16, 2023 / Proven Restoration LLC /

Flooding is the invasion of a terrain that is usually dry by water. The terms flood damage and water damage are sometimes used by people to describe the same problem. However, there is a difference between these. Water damage is usually due to plumbing issues (burst pipes, backup from toilets, malfunctioning appliances, etc.). Flood damage is due to water from a natural disaster (storms, hurricanes, etc.). Flood damage can be due to flash floods, roof leaks, or sump pump failure.

Sump pumps work to keep the lower parts of homes(crawlspaces, basements) dry. During rainy seasons, water can enter the lower parts of buildings when there is persistent or heavy rain. But sometimes, sump pumps can fail, leading to flooding damage. Proven Restoration LLC explains how sump pump failure occurs, leading to flooding damage. Proven Restoration LLC has flood restoration services by professionals who are certified, bonded, and insured. This company offers flood restoration services by emergency crews 24/7 in Cypresswood Point, TX, and surrounding areas.

What happens when sump pumps stop working?

When a sump pump fails, the water surrounding a building due to a storm or natural disaster starts to gather at the lowest part of the building. Water that gets into the basement, crawlspaces, or foundation can cause structural deterioration of building materials, rotting of wood, etc.

Signs that a sump pump may fail

Age: The sump pump is more likely to fail as it ages. Usually, sump pumps are expected to last for around ten years. So around that time, owners must prepare for the pump to fail.

Less water: When there is markedly less water in the sump pit while the sump pump is operating, it indicates that the pump may not be connected to a drainage system or that the system was not installed correctly.

Blocked pump: When the float switch jams, the machinery parts are dirty, or there is a tangling of switches, the sump pump can develop clogs.

Power failure: For when there is power loss, a backup battery or secondary generator may be kept. Basement flooding, busted fuses, or backup battery wearing down can lead to power loss.

Flooding in the basement: A flooded basement is an obvious sign of sump pump failure.

What to do when there is a sump pump failure?

Sump pumps may fail suddenly, usually during heavy rain. The failing pump may be overwhelmed by the work and stop functioning. Water can seep through the foundation and accumulate in the lowest part of the home, leading to flooding damage. In the event of flood damage after a sump pump failure, flood restoration services may be needed. 

Water removal. All the standing water must be removed. Professionals use equipment like submersible pumps and wet vacuums.

Flood damage restoration is best carried out by a professional water damage restoration company with experience handling flood damage. They have a multi-step process and adhere to guidelines from the authorities and industry standards. 

The sump pump will have to be repaired or replaced as needed.

Flood damage is not easy to clean up. The amount of water may make it a slow process and there can be invisible moisture or hidden water damage. This is why professional flood restoration services are better for dealing with flood damage. Proven Restoration LLC is a full-service water damage restoration contractor that offers flood restoration services in Cypresswood Point, TX. They have the training, experience, and specialized equipment to carry out flood damage restoration quickly and meticulously. Proven Restoration LLC can be contacted for various cleaning and restoration services in Cypresswood Point, TX, and neighboring areas by phone at (832) 669-5519.

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