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What is Water Removal?
Thursday, February 9th 2023, 5:00 AM

Know All About Water Removal

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Water damage is a prevalent cause of property loss for businesses and homes across the United States. Water damage can be due to many reasons, like burst pipes, sewage backup, or natural disasters. Quick action must be taken to limit water damage. This is why water damage restoration services are offered by most professionals 24/7.

One important step of the water damage restoration process is water removal. After initial assessments, water removal is the high-priority step that determines the success of the following steps in the process and the final results of water damage restoration. In this article, Proven Restoration LLC outlines what water removal is. This company is a reconstruction contractor and full-service water damage restoration contractor. This company has been offering water damage restoration services, including water removal in Timberlane, TX, and surrounding areas. With twenty years of experience and dedication to advocating for their clients, Proven Restoration LLC is a reliable water damage restoration company in the region.

What is water removal?

The process by which excessive water or water standing within a property or home is removed is called water removal. This part of the water damage restoration takes place after the initial assessment and identifying the source of water intrusion.

The aims of water removal are

  • Reduce the extent of water damage
  • Minimize the risk of damage to valuable property and objects
  • Help to prevent the risk of mold growth, which can cause structural deterioration and affect air quality
  • Help restore the property to a pre-damage state

What happens during water removal?

Water removal is more effective when done by water damage restoration technicians like Proven Restoration LLC. Their team of professionals has training and knowledge, credentials recognized and certified by the industry like IICRC, and uses the latest specialized equipment. Still, it is beneficial to understand what is done before, during, and after water removal.

Water removal includes:

  • Stop water intrusion after identifying the source. It is pointless to begin water removal without stopping water from flowing into the area. This might mean repairing a plumbing defect or shutting off the main water supply channel. Sometimes external help is needed, like if the water damage is due to a backup from the city sewer system.
  • Remove standing water and visible water. When homeowners do this, they may use buckets or mugs to scoop standing water or mop up water from surfaces. However, when the water damage is extensive, or the water is contaminated, professionals must handle water damage restoration. Water damage restoration technicians use industrial-grade submersible pumps (truck mounted or portable) that pump large amounts of water, or wet vacuums to extract large amounts of water.
  • Hidden or invisible water must be removed. There can be water that is not readily visible that persists and can lead to more damage or complications. Hidden water can be beneath carpets, flooring, walls, or other inaccessible spaces. Water damage professionals have devices that detect hidden water (like infrared cameras or moisture meters. They also have specialized equipment that removes water more effectively and dries the moisture rapidly.

Why is water removal important?

Water removal is important. By removing the water, the damage process is limited. Also, mold growth happens within 24 to 48 hours after a surface gets wet. By quickly and effectively performing water removal, the risk for mold growth decreases. The less time a building is exposed to water, the less structural deterioration it sustains.

Why choose Proven Restoration LLC for water removal?

When there is water in a building, it creates an unsafe environment. There can be contaminants, pathogens, parasites, and other harmful elements in the water, causing damage. Professionals will perform water removal only, taking safety measures set down by authorities and the industry. Water damage puts buildings at risk for electrical hazards. Water damage restoration technicians will know how to begin water removal with precautions to avoid such hazards. An experienced company like Proven Restoration LLC will ensure that water removal is quick and meticulous so that clients get the best results from water damage restoration. Contact Proven Restoration LLC on the number (832) 669-5519 for water damage restoration, including water removal in Timberlane Acres, TX.

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