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How Toilet Leaks May Require Water Damage Restoration
Monday, November 21st 2022, 1:05 PM

How a slow leak from a toilet results in major water damage restoration needs

Humble, United States - November 21, 2022 / Proven Restoration LLC /

Water damage can occur from slow leaks that may be unnoticed or ignored for long. Something that seems like a minor problem, like a slowly leaking toilet, can lead to major water damage. This can lead to the need for extensive water damage repair, which costs a lot. 

Water damage repair professionals may be needed to handle such problems. Homes and businesses can rely on Proven Restoration LLC for water damage repair in Spring, TX. This company has been providing water damage restoration services in Texas for around 20 years. Proven Restoration LLC shares how toilet leaks can lead to water damage that demands major water damage restoration.


How Toilet Leaks Cause Water Damage

Leaking From The Toilet Base

Water pooling at the toilet base may be due to a faulty wax seal. But sometimes, this water can be seeping from a loose supply tube, malfunctioning shutoff valve, tank cracks, or toilet bowl leak. If there is a plumbing problem, water can leak into the walls. Water leaking at the toilet base can permeate the floor and weaken the structure over time. This water damage can be very severe and will need extensive water damage repair.

Flooding from toilet leaks

Water flows to the septic tank and the drain field when the toilet is flushed. When the septic system is functioning well, the drain field does not receive water when the toilet is not being flushed. But, when there is a leak, water always flows to the drain field. This is a significant burden for the septic system, and the drain field never dries out as it constantly receives water from the leak. When water cannot be absorbed anymore, it backs up into the drains and toilets in the house. Backup from the sewage system is hazardous as the water is considered contaminated. A water damage expert is best to handle this kind of water damage so that safety is maintained and the damage is contained as soon as possible.

Corrosion of pipes

When leaking causes water to flow continuously in the drainage system, mineral deposits can build up in the pipes. This can lead to clogging in pipes. If this is not noticed and handled, it damages the drain system and corrodes pipes. The pipes can burst and start leaking, especially if they are old.

Blocked pipes

Leaking will hinder the toilet from filling correctly. This will weaken the flush over time. Eventually, the waste flushed down will block the pipes, as the flush is weak. This causes the drainage system to flood. The result can be messy and need water damage restoration.

Mold growth

Toilet leaks can be constant and create a favorable environment for mold growth. Since mold can cause health hazards and also cause structural damage to the building, water damage repair needs to be done without delay by a water damage restoration professional, like Proven Restoration LLC in Spring, TX, that offers water damage repair and mold remediation services. 

Proven Restoration LLC wants homeowners to be alert about toilet leaks. Even slow-leaking toilets can cause a lot of water damage. In case of any water damage repair needs in Spring, TX, or surrounding areas, property owners can get in touch with Proven Restoration LLC. The phone number to reach Proven Restoration LLC is (713) 906-5133, or an email can be sent to 

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