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Proven Restoration LLC Explains Signs Of Hidden Water Damage
Monday, November 7th 2022, 10:00 AM

How to spot water damage without a visible source?

Humble, United States - November 7, 2022 / Proven Restoration LLC /

Water damage is a common cause of property loss in the US. Sometimes, the source of water damage is visible, like a burst pipe or overflowing tub. But, there are instances where the leak may be hidden, and water damage may not be evident. Unnoticed water damage can be very dangerous as it can lead to structural damage. Leaks in the basement, behind walls, or a dripping faucet can go undetected for a long time until the water damage shows. 

Proven Restoration LLC is a full-service water damage restoration and reconstruction contractor in Texas. With over two decades of experience and professionally trained technicians, their water damage restoration services in Humble, Texas, and surrounding areas are sure to satisfy customers. Proven Restoration LLC lists some signs that help spot water damage in this article.

If water damage is suspected, a water damage restoration professional can be contacted.

Signs of water damage even when there is no visible source

1. Water stains

Stains and discolored patches on walls or ceilings may be due to a leaky roof or leaking pipes behind walls. If the area is painted over or ignored instead of rectifying the underlying problem, the leaks can persist, and the stains get bigger. The extent of water damage worsens, which will also cost more to repair. 

2. Peeling and bubbling appearance of walls

Peeling paint and bubbling of wallpaper indicate underlying water damage. A leak behind drywall or wood can cause it to buckle and warp. Such materials are structurally compromised when exposed to moisture for long, leading to damaged floors or walls. 

3. Musty smell

A musty odor indicates hidden water damage, even when no signs of water damage are visible. Excess moisture trapped within walls or confined spaces in the basement or attic that are dark and poorly ventilated can lead to mold growth. Mold brings a musty odor. When such smells are noticed, a water damage restoration professional may be hired to detect and deal with the problem rather than masking the smell.

4. Increase in utility bills

Unexpected hikes in the water bill, even when there is no significant change in the consumption pattern, may be due to an undetected leak. The hidden leak may be causing water damage that is not evident externally. A plumber or water damage restoration professional will help identify the water damage source. 

5. Mold growth

Sometimes even when no water is visible, mold growth may be present. Mold may be seen on walls or baseboards and usually starts in the seams of ceilings and floors. Professional mold remediation service may be needed when mold growth is more. 

6. Dripping sounds or strange noises

Sometimes the leaks that are not visible may be heard. They may present as dripping, scratching, or rushing sounds that may only be audible when the house is quiet. Such sounds when no faucets are on or water running in appliances may be a sign of hidden water damage.

When water damage is suspected, it is best not to delay measures to tackle it. Homeowners who spot any of the above signs and need water damage restoration in Humble, Texas, can contact Proven Restoration LLC. Their team of IICRC-trained technicians will implement a customized mitigation strategy and help restore the property to its previous state. Proven Restoration LLC can be contacted by phone at the number (713) 906-5133.

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