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How Long Does It Take For Mold Growth To Start After A Flood?
Tuesday, October 18th 2022, 1:30 PM

How Quickly Does Mold Grow After A Flood?

Humble, United States - October 17, 2022 / Proven Restoration LLC /

Water damage can be severe or minimal. It can be due to several causes, including flooding. Heavy rains, tornadoes, roof leaks, burst pipes, clogged drains, etc. can be due to flooding. Moisture in the surroundings increases the risk of mold growth. Mold is a  dreaded consequence of flooding and any kind of water damage. 

Mold can cause further deterioration of the building materials and objects in the building affected by water damage. It can also affect the health of occupants of the home or commercial space. Flood damage restoration focuses on restoring the property to a pre-loss condition and minimizing the chances of mold growth. So, flood damage restoration is a time-sensitive service. Proven Restoration LLC provides several services, including flood restoration in Spring, TX, and other areas in TX. In this article, Proven Restoration LLC shares information about the time it takes for mold to grow after a flood. 

Molds have been around for millions of years. They are part of the environment and play an important role in biodegradation and soil enrichment. Molds are part of the fungi kingdom and reproduce through spores. 

Mold growth needs the following: 

Mold spores must be available

Mold food - Almost any substance with carbon atoms (organic substance) nourishes mold. They can grow on wood, paper, fabrics, food, insulation, drywall, paint, dust,  upholstery, carpets, wallpaper, etc. 

Moisture - Most mold species need moisture corresponding to at least 70% relative humidity.

Ideal temperatures -Mold growth can occur in the range of temperatures in which humans live.

When any of these requirements are absent, mold growth is affected. 

The environment after a flood is ideal for mold growth. There is moisture, enough food (carpet, wood, paper, wallpaper, drywall, curtains, upholstery, etc.), and a suitable temperature for any spores in the area after a flood. Flood restoration involves removing water, decontaminating the property, and making the area safe for repair work to be carried out. Delays in flood restoration work can worsen the extent of water damage. There is also a higher risk of problems like pathogens in contaminated flood water and mold growth due to prolonged exposure to moisture.

According to FEMA, mold growth can start on surfaces that have been damp for 24 to 48 hours. The mold grows on these surfaces, damages the organic material, and spreads to adjacent materials causing further destruction. Mold can also lead to mild to severe health problems. So, after water damage due to flooding, sewage backup, or other causes, mold growth begins within 24 to 48 hours of water exposure. The time it takes for mold growth also depends on the temperature of the affected home, how well-ventilated it is, and the availability of organic surfaces. Colonies of mold develop in 12 days, though sometimes mold may be visible only after 21 days after flood damage. Once the mold is present, it is difficult to get rid of, and mold remediation may be needed to eliminate the source of moisture and deal with the mold.

A flood restoration expert like Proven Restoration LLC can reduce the risk of mold growth after flooding causes water damage. The highly-trained restoration technicians do a thorough clean-up and flood restoration that includes:

Water removal by pumping out standing water and assessing the flood damage.

Removal and disposal of furnishing and objects that are damaged beyond repair.

Cleaning and disinfection of the building to eliminate contaminants that may be present in the flood water. 

Drying and dehumidifying the property to ensure no residual moisture, even in hidden areas, can cause mold growth.

FEMA provides guidelines on how to dry out a house affected by water damage or mold. But a flood restoration specialist should handle water damage restoration due to flooding. A professional water damage restoration company has specialized equipment and trained technicians to handle flood damage swiftly. Proven Restoration LLC in Texas has a 24-hour Emergency Response Service available. 

FEMA advises turning off the main power if the wiring appears to be wet or moldy until an electrician checks the electrical system to ensure safety. Windows can be kept open for ventilation if the exterior is less humid than the inside. Fans and dehumidifiers help remove moisture. But, if mold is present, fans are not used to avoid spreading spores. All wet items should be removed, and moldy objects, like moldy carpets, must be discarded. Any food products that may have been exposed to moisture are also to be disposed of.

Why Proven Restoration LLC

A professional flood restoration team is the best to decide what can be dried, cleaned, and disinfected for reuse. Technicians with expertise understand what can be repaired and used and what must be discarded as the damage or mold growth makes it unsafe for use. 

Property owners should be aware that any water damage, especially flooding, must be treated with urgency. Proven Restoration LLC understands that every second matters after a flooding incident. Proven Restoration LLC's rapid response crew is always ready for flood restoration service in Spring, TX, within the shortest possible time. They employ professional-grade tools and the latest technology to restore property after flood damage.  Proven Restoration LLC can be contacted by phone at (713) 906-5133.

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