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What To Do During Fall To Prevent Water Damage?
Monday, October 10th 2022, 4:00 AM

Fall Projects To Prevent Water Damage

Humble, United States - October 10, 2022 / Proven Restoration LLC /

The saying that a stitch in time saves nine is particularly true when it comes to home maintenance. To keep a home in good condition and protect it from damage, homeowners should carry out regular inspections and maintenance projects inside and outside the home. Water damage can occur when homes are maintained inadequately. The fall season is a good time to carry out projects to prevent water damage. Any sort of repair work is more difficult in the winter. 

Proven Restoration LLC is a full-service water damage restoration and reconstruction contractor in Katy, TX. This company provides mold removal and water damage restoration services in Kingwood, Texas, and other areas within Texas. In this article, Proven Restoration LLC shares some projects that homeowners can do in the fall season to prevent water damage.

Fall Projects that Will Help Prevent Water Damage

1. Roof Inspection

Carrying out a roof inspection during fall helps prevent water damage. Roofs are exposed to harsh sunlight in summer. They also sustain wear and tear with time.  So, roofs and siding materials get warped, chipped, and deteriorate. The roof must be inspected for cracks and other damages during the fall season. Roof repair is easier to do in fall than in winter, when the damage may lead to leaks that will cause water damage to the house.

2. Cleaning Gutters

During the fall season, leaves and debris will fall and accumulate in the gutters. Homeowners must clear gutters to prevent blockages so that water can drain instead of accumulating and causing water damage.

3. Furnace  Maintenance

In winter, furnaces would need to work for a longer time. If the furnace maintenance is done during the fall, it will function well during winter. If the furnace functions well, it will ensure proper heating during winter, which reduces the risk of water damage from frozen pipes bursting. 

4. Foundation Work

Foundation repairs can be done during the fall season when the ground is cold and provides a stable condition suitable for foundation repair. During winter, the ground will be too frozen for work to be done easily. Cracks, sagging, and crumbling of the foundation can be repaired during the fall season to prevent walls from buckling, floors from sinking, and ceilings from getting warped. 

5. Weather-Proofing

Doors, windows, attics, and any other potential entrance for unwanted external elements like moisture must be sealed. The weather-stripping and caulking in the house can be inspected for damage. Doors and windows must be attached properly to their frames without gaps or cracks. Damaged seals and caulking must be repaired or redone during fall.

6. Plumbing work

One of the most common causes of water damage is leaky pipes. Inspecting the plumbing for any damage and repairing them helps prevent water damage.

7. Upgrading Kitchen Appliances

Malfunctioning appliances can lead to fire or water damage. They can be repaired if possible and replaced if they cannot be repaired.

The above steps are all projects that can be done during the fall season to prevent water damage. However, any water damage that does occur must be dealt with promptly to prevent complications of water damage. For a quick and thorough water damage restoration, a water damage restoration company can be entrusted with the job. Property owners in Kingwood, TX, can contact Proven Restoration LLC in Katy, TX, for water damage restoration services. The company can be relied on to deal with water damage of all sizes. Proven Restoration provides emergency water damage restoration services round the clock in Kingwood, TX, and the Houston metropolitan area and can be contacted on the phone number (713) 906-5133.   Homeowners can also email the company at to request a free consultation for water damage restoration needs. 

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