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Removing Mold From Grout
Friday, September 23rd 2022, 4:00 AM

How Can Mold Be Removed From Grout?

Humble, United States - September 23, 2022 / Proven Restoration LLC /

Mold growth can happen as a result of floods and water damage. But even when there are no major events or disasters, mold can grow even when small leaks occur and go unattended. Warm and humid climates are more conducive to mold growth. Any moisture accumulated can provide a fertile atmosphere for mold to thrive.

Mold can be unsightly and affect the appearance of a building. When allowed to grow, mold even compromises the structural integrity of buildings and can cause damage to furniture and furnishings. It can also cause health problems. This is why mold growth must be prevented as far as possible. When mold growth is detected immediate action must be taken to remove it. However DIY measures may not get rid of mold always. In that case, professional assistance will be required for mold removal. Proven Restoration LLC is a water damage restoration company that offers mold remediation services. Homes and businesses with mold problems can get a mold removal in Katy and other parts of Texas from Proven Restoration LLC.

In this article, some DIY measures for mold removal from grout are suggested. However, in case of persistent mold, it is always safer and more efficient to hire mold remediation professionals like Proven Restoration LLC in Katy, Texas for mold removal.

Removing Mold From Grout

Dark, fuzzy, or slimy matter in grout is likely to be mold. A musty smell is also indicative of mold. These areas need to be washed, sterilized and dried immediately to try to get rid of any mold. When trying to clean an area where mold may be present it is safer to wear gloves, goggles, and a face mask. Keeping the windows open is also advisable.


This is a method that has been used for a long time for DIY mold removal. Bleach can be allowed to stay in the affected area for around 45 minutes. An old toothbrush or brush with rough bristles is ideal to use to work the bleach into the area. After 45 minutes, using warm water the bleach can be brushed away. The window must be open or the exhaust fan switched on when cleaning with bleach. A drawback of bleach is that it can discolor colored tiles and grout.

Baking Soda

Half a cup of baking soda can be mixed with enough water to make a thick paste. This paste must be applied to affected areas and allowed to stay there for around 15 minutes. Then the paste can be scrubbed away with a brush and rinsed with water. Adding hydrogen peroxide over the baking soda paste till it just begins to fizz will help loosen the mold. This makes mold removal and cleaning easier. The area must then be washed thoroughly with water. 


Vinegar can be used to clean the minimal growth of mold and some types of mold. Vinegar can be sprayed onto the surfaces and then brushed away with warm water after half an hour.

These methods may not be as effective as professional mold removal. But it is easier to prevent mold from growing. 

Tips to Prevent Mold from Growing in the Grout

Use Exhaust Fans

The exhaust fans in the bathroom must be run for at least half an hour after taking a bath or shower. This will help dry out the water. In bathrooms that do not have an exhaust fan, the windows can be left open for an hour to promote air circulation. In kitchens, the fan can be kept on during cooking and cleaning.


Every year a double layer of silicone-based sealant can be used to seal porous areas. An anti-microbial-based sealant will help to limit the growth of fungus.

Keep It Dry

Water must not be allowed to pool anywhere. After a shower, the curtains must be drawn. Wet surfaces must be wiped down. Excess water around tiles must be removed. Drying the wet walls with a rag or old towel will prevent mold and make deep cleaning much easier. 

A mold infestation can happen after severe or minor water damage. It can be a recurring problem if mold removal is not done properly. Getting it done by a professional service may be a safer and better option in the long run. Mold Removal in New Caney, Texas can be handled efficiently by Proven Restoration LLC. This company is certified and licensed, and can help customers get the Texas Department of Insurance Certificate of Mold Damage Remediation. To get a free estimate Proven Restoration LLC can be called at (713) 906-5133. This water damage and mold remediation expert has 2 decades of experience and residents of New Caney, TX can find the company by a quick search "mold removal near me". 

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